Monday, February 22, 2010

Pizza This Week

Well... I had pizza today. Imo's in Collinsville. I was visiting my folks and since I am unable to get a fresh Imo's pie here in central Illinois they are always open to a little pizza when I am in town. My dad loves it because my visits usually guarantee a a couple of pies from the local Imo's.

I remain on my diet which is strictly enforced during the week. Salads, light soups, fish and fresh fruit will dominate again this week. I've dropped just about twenty pounds in the last month and right now I am sitting at just about a biscuit over 300. Fit Club West is still a regular stop in my day.

My plan for pizza this week revolves around the monthly poker game this Saturday night. I will come bearing some pizza pies and will get individual gambler reactions to the pizza along with my own review.

The pizza parlor in my sights? That will stay secret for now.


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