Monday, January 18, 2010

Coz's Pizza & Pub

Coz's Pizza and Pub is the first pizza place in Springfield that we'll review here on the Springfield Pizza Project. I chose Coz's because of it's close proximity to my day job and more importantly because I have heard nothing but positive word of mouth about the pies served up at this west side institution. Plus, who could resist the ridiculous "It's so good I'd eat it off the floor!" commercials they run on the local network from time to time?

Where they're located:
4441 Ash Grove Dr.
Springfield, IL 62711

Call 'em:
(217) 726-7700

The Pizza(s):
Medium pepperoni and mushroom


The dish: There were a couple of things I liked about this pizza right from the start, before I ever took a bite. First of all, being a former resident of St. Louis I have a natural affinity for a pie sliced up into squares instead of the classic traingle shape. Secondly... I saw a what appeared to be a firm, thin, crispy crust. Thin & crispy squared up right. Asthetically, a very good start for a pizza.
The toppings however weren't what I was hoping for. Where's the cheese? Not much of it on this
pizza. Getting the right amount of cheese on a thin crust pizza is difficult though. It's easy to have too much or not enough. In this case it was the latter. The pepperoni was less than stellar and there was just barely enough for my taste. I sampled a piece of the pepperoni by itself and it did have a nice, spicy kick, so that was good. The mushrooms looked good but appeared to be a little dried out. didn't seem fresh at all, but they weren't canned, Once again not enough. Come on Coz...load up that pie.

How'd it eat? Let's hit the good points first. EXCELLENT crust. There's no doubt about it, Coz's has a good thin crust. Probably the best I've had in Springfield. The sauce... just OK. Decent taste with a smooth finish. If I get heartburn from this pizza it will be from the pepps, not the sauce. Coz's sprinkles a spice mixture on their pie that I'm mixed on. The flavor overall is pretty good but the oregano was too much. I'd like it better without the oregano.
Overall, this pizza was just mediocre. Outside of the nice crust there wasn't a whole lot special about it. Would I eat it off the floor? Absolutley not. I wouldn't really eat anything off the floor, so I guess that's not exactly negative.
The restaurant itself has a cozy tavern feel and the atmosphere was friendly enough. I received quick service that wasn't overly helpful, but not rude either. Maybe a little indifferent. I picked my pizza up at the bar. The person at the take out counter sent me there to get my pizza. I got a couple of "Who is this guy?" looks from a some of the patrons at the bar, which gave it that old South St. Louis neighborhood bar aura. Not a good thing, unless you are one of the regulars.

SPP Ranking: 5.9

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